Sorgenfresser Worry Eater Schnuli Large Plush

Meet Snulli the Worry Eater! Size 32cm (tall) 26cm (wide) When night falls it&39;s time for dreams Nice funny sad and exciting dreams are OK but being woken by a horrible nightmare is really upsetting Fortunately there are the SORGENFRESSER (Worry Eaters)! Night after night but also by day they turn fears worries or bad moods into nice stories to read together or alone Children have phobias fears and worries Of course parents try hard to recognise them in time and do something about it but children often keep their worries to themselves In these situations the Sorgenfresser provides the perfect opportunity for a child to articulate their concerns privately and stimulate discussion Children write down or draw their worries on a piece of paper and then simply place them in the zipper mouth of the Sorgenfresser and close it It doesn&39;t solve the problem but it is a first step towards feeling better once the worry is locked up safe behind the zip Parents who find a drawing or letter in the Sorgenfresser can remove it and are given an opportunity to approach their child about the worries that they have expressed Psychologists and teachers recommend Sorgenfresser are a "waste bin" for problems What&39;s more they are cute and cuddly and are great for all children even those who don&39;t have any worries! The Sorgenfressers motto is "We eat your worries" There is a range of characters in various shapes colours and sizes Based on Gerd Hahn&39;s German TV Series Psychologists and teachers recommend the Worry Eaters as a waste bin for problems Children can write or draw their troubles and feed them into the zip mouth of the Worry Eater Worry Eaters are nice and cuddly in both good and bad times and not just for children They give comfort and reassurance to children enabling a restful nights sleep
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