Veho 360 Rechargeable Pop-up Speaker 35mm AUX Jack

Amazing small and lightweight but perfectly formed and an essential accessory for any owner of a iPod iPhone or MP3 playerThis ultra-mini but powerful rechargeable 360 pop-up capsule speaker is perfect for listening to your favourite music when you&39;re on your travels or out with friends and familySimply connect the Veho 360 portable speaker system to any iPod iPhone or MP3 player plus most mobile phones using the built in 35mm jack and enjoy the tunes stored on your portable deviceThe mini speaker can also be connected to a computer using the built in 35mm jack and via supplied USB lead for chargingThe Veho 360 speaker capsule has a built-in rechargeable Lith-ion battery that will give up to 8 hours playing from one charge and will save your media player device&39;s battery life Built in Lith-ion rechargeable battery giving up to 8 hours of constant playback Ultra small and portable with a BIG sound Compatible with ALL iPodiPhoneMP3Phones or anything else with a 35mm headphone socket Integrated 35mm jack with dual volume control Rechargeable from PCMac or mains using USB cable Battery-Lithium Ion Battery Life-8hrs Battery Voltage-37 Charge Time-2hrs Driver-36mm 4ohms Height-35 cm Jack-Integrated 35mm Other-LED Power Indicator Output-24 watt rating Volume-Dual Level Volume Control Width-5 cm
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