With its distinctive looks and convenient size, the MCR-B142 will fit in small spaces like a useful gadget. With less depth than the previous model, both main unit and speakers have iron front and top panels that give a feeling of strength. Enjoy a diversity of sources, including iPod, iPhone and iPad, from one unit. By docking the unit with an iPod or iPhone, you can enjoy your favourite tunes with high audio quality, thanks to the digital connection. And by using the USB port, you can play music files from an iPad or USB device. In addition to the CD player and radio (DAB/DAB+ and FM), it has an AUX-In terminal for connecting a PC or DAP, giving you music enjoyment from a variety of sources in one unit. IntelliAlarm wakes you gently with music. IntelliAlarm is a special type of alarm that gives you a wakeup call with music. Three minutes before the beep goes off, the music from your iPod or iPhone will first flow lightly and then gradually increase, to wake you gently. You can make more detailed settings with the DTA Controller app. Enjoy your favorite music with rich sound quality to your heart's content. The MCR-B142 includes Yamaha's Music Enhancer that restores what is lost when audio data is compressed (as in an MP3 player) to deliver sound that is more dynamic and has a greater feeling of expansiveness. The speakers feature a new 11cm (4-1/2") drive unit that employs a large-diameter magnet for enjoying music with rich bass tones and clear mid and high ranges. Bass sound is deep and robust, thanks to a large-volume cabinet that acts like a bass drum.
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