Samsung WAM550

The Samsung SHAPE M5 wireless audio system lets you enjoy your favourite music anywhere in your house. The M5 combines a stylish, adaptive design with fantastic audio performance, bringing all your favourite music to life in unrivalled clarity. Connecting your M5 to your network is quick and easy. The Shape features both wired and wireless connection, so simply plug the speaker in, connect through wires or wireless and you'll be listening. Its unique triangular design is made to be placed on shelves, cabinets, tucked into corners or mounted, you can even place the speaker vertically. The M5 also features Bluetooth and NFC. Simply touch your NFC enabled smartphone or tablet to the Speaker or connect via Bluetooth to stream your favourite music effortlessly. Enhance your TV's sound without the need for wireless. If your Samsung TV is TV Sound Connect enabled then you can use the M5 to stream your TV audio.
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